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Pacific Play Tents Kids Rad Racer Bed Tent Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents Kids Rad Racer Bed Tent PlayhouseChildren like playing anywhere, at school, at home, at the park… After all, it’s a great opportunity for them to introduce to the life and to develop their personality. In order that such moment change into a real happiness, you can give them an original and amusing tent.

Perfect for sleeping or playing

Hiding in a little spot, under an well-amusing tent, is now a game of pleasure! When it’s not again bedtime, this model can transform your child’s bed into a private play space. Very interesting for any adventure galore! Their imagination is the limit for activities in and around the tent. Once assembled, it measures 77″ X 54″ X 42″, offering a very large space for all games.

A handy accessory

Even without some help from you, your child can set up his tent easily in a lap time. Thanks to two durable tent poles, the assemblage becomes easier and funny. With a large flap door, roof and side windows, and race car graphics, your kid will sleep with gladly. For all storing out of the house, you can take away the tent easily inside the included storage bag

Pacific Play Tents Kids Cottage House Bed Tent Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents Kids Cottage House Bed Tent PlayhouseThis model will bring some touch of originality on your child’s bedroom. Filling the room with freshness, your kid will fall asleep quickly. During his sleep, he can also enjoy the optimal comfort offered by this article. Indeed, it adapts perfectly with the bed of your toddler. Its closing system also allows a large opening, allowing you to have access to its interior. Very practical, this model of tent proposes a simple and easy assembly which will certainly amuse you.

Light, this tent can be transported anywhere, in the garden, at the park, on vacation… A storage bag is provided with the article for the greatest happiness of your kid. Thus, he will be closer to nature wherever he is. Of course, Pacific Play Tents Cottage Bed Tent can be set up on the floor while gaming. Your child will be able to play freely in the shelter of the sun and the wind. The closure opens wide so that he can enter and exit easily.

Pacific Play Tents Kids Tree House Bed Tent Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents Kids Tree House Bed Tent PlayhousePacific Play Tents Tree House Bed Tent will transform the room of your child into a magic and exceptional space. By choosing it, its bed will become a small hut perched at the top of a tree. All along the top of the tent, mesh ventilation allows ample ventilation inside. This model provides too good viewing and luminosity. Be sure, your child will fall asleep comfortably, in its private little place! Soft colors and full-curtain front door make this a pleasant environment.

To play freely anywhere

The day, Pacific Play Tents Tree House Bed Tent becomes a playing field ludic and diverting for your child. It will be able to play its preferred games there, only or with friends. As the tent can be installed with same ground, you can perfectly move it in the living room or outside, in the garden. Space is rather broad so that your child can have fun freely. The outside of the tent can be cleaned with a clean and wet fabric, and soft soap. You can thus take it along everywhere where your child will be, even while you go out in the park.

With a tent of quality and overmeasure, your child will be able to open out on the physical and intellectual level. He will always keep smiling and will be able to live extraordinary adventures.

Pacific Play Tents Flower Bed Tent – Twin Size

Pacific Play Tents Flower Bed Tent – Twin SizeThis beautiful Pacific Play Flower Bed Tent is perfect for all types of twin beds. These standardized dimensions (77 X 38 X 35 inches) have been designed so that the tent adapts to the majority of children’s beds. No more nightmares and difficulties falling asleep! With the Pacific Play Flower Bed Tent, your child will enjoy going to bed. What better than to have fun before falling into the arms of Morpheus while being reassured?

Its quick and easy installation makes this flowery bed tent an added bonus. It is fixed between the mattress and the box spring for a great stability and even more security. The also has its own storage cover, and can be cleaned very easily with a soft, damp cloth.

Usable at night, the Pacific Play Flower Bed Tent can also serve as a tent on the ground during the day for even more fun and adventures ! Made of very light and strong nylon, it weighs only 2.16 pounds. Its bright colors will please especially girls at least 36 months old. Customers who have already purchased this bed tent are all very satisfied with this product and recommend it.

Pacific Play Tents Kids Secret Castle Bed Tent Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents Kids Secret Castle Bed Tent PlayhouseAll parents know perfectly how difficulty they have to bring their children into the bed! With Pacific Play Tents Kids Secret Castle Bed Tent, transitioning to the bed becomes more fun and easy.

Sleeping comfortably under stars

Offer to your child the opportunity to transform their bed into a magic castle! Real places of enchantment, this tent decorated with stars will be able to rock your child. It will also get to him an optimal comfort for a sleep after one day boosted. Adapted perfectly to the bed, this model will become a cocooning place in the room of your small child.

With private play space for kid the day, you can put on the ground the tent or move it in the garden. Thus, your child will be able to benefit fully from his activities and to make this accessory his space of private game. A bag of storage and a notebook of instruction are provided to you for more practicality, besides two durable tent poles pockets.


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