Ontel Dream Tents

Ontel Dream Tents Unicorn Fantasy

Ontel Dream Tents Unicorn FantasyIf you have a little girl who is crazy about princesses, fairies, unicorns and all those little creatures, then this Dream Tents Unicorn Fantasy is made for her ! Indeed, when she will lay in her bed, just under the tent, she will have the impression to be in a fairy tale, surrounded by unicorns and rainbows. For now on, every night, your daughter will feel like she is actually part of this world and this is the best way ever for her to have nice dreams. Moreover, the tent is very quick and easy to settle. Soon after you buy it, she will be nestled in her bed while thinking of a realm of fantasy. In this way, she will sleep like a baby.

The colors of this tent are typically the ones little girls love : it has been made in purple, pink and white. In addition to that, the price to pay for your daughter to believe she is a queen, is very low, so it would be a pity to miss this occasion!

Ontel Dream Tents World

Ontel Dream Tents Dinosaur Island

Ontel Dream Tents Dinosaur IslandIf you have a son who shows a real passion for dinosaurs, and regrets not to be able to go back in time to actually see them, then you literally have to buy him this Dream Tents Fun Pop Up Tent : Dinosaur Island. Indeed, while being comfortably nestled in his bed, he will have the impression to be surrounded by dinosaurs and mountains. The colors of this tent are the ones which could easily fit in a young boy room : indeed, it has been made in green, red, blue and brown. Soon, your son will feel like he has his own little nook where he can do whatever he wants : he will be on his own, lost among dinosaurs. In terms of practicity, this tent can be compactly stored, and you can easily and quickly settle it above a bed (even above twin beds). Taking everythink into account, we can conclude that the price to pay for this tent is very low, comparing to all the advantages it has.

Ontel Dream Tents World Winter Wonderland

Ontel Dream Tents World Winter WonderlandIf your daughter is fond of Barbie, Disney movie Frozen, princesses, queens, and lost realms, so you have to buy this Dream Tents World Winter Wonderland for her to feel like she is the queen of a great world of fantasy. Indeed, while being nestled in her comfortable bed, she will have the impression to be surrounded by ice, snow, and little white animals. The sky this tent will create above her head will be full of flakes enlightened by the moon and by an aurora borealis. Moreover, this Dream tents World Winter Wonderland can be compactly stored : you will not have any worries when your daughter will grow up and get bored of it, in a few years. In addition to all these advantages, this tent is quick and easy to settle above a bed, and it can adapt on twin beds. In this way, taking everything into account, the price to pay is very low.


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